Agreement and terms of use Motor home Knaus

Registration number:


Mobile number during Holidays:


Rental period: from till before 17.00:

rental costs:


Total cost: €

1500 km per week are included and 215 per additional day, more kms are € 0.20 per km,

Deposit of €1250

Bond of €1250 and the rest of the rental fee to be paid before or on the date, when picking up the motorhome.


  1. In principle the week starts on Saturday between 9:00 and 12:00 and ends on Friday before 17:00. For periods longer than three weeks, we can agree for other pick up and return days.

  2. If you return too late, the day rate per (part of the) day will be charged (day rate = week rate / 6). If the renter can prove the delay was caused by a technical failure of the motor home of which he is not to blame, there won’t be extra day rate charges. (The next tenant also wants to depart in time with a clean motor home). Picking up the motor home on Friday is possible when the motor home is not leased in the week before.

  3. The motor home has to be returned cleaned from the inside and outside. The water tanks have to be empty and clean (to the judgment of the renter). Is the motor home not clean enough the following costs are applicable: Outside not clean €75, Inside and fridge not clean: €75, Toilet tank not empty and nor cleaned: €50

  4. The drivers of the motor home have to be at least 25 years and have their driver’s license for at least 2 years. We require a copy of the driver’s licence of each driver.

  5. All western European countries can be visited with the motor home. Exceptions are risk areas which are outlined before departure. The tenant is obliged to outline the countries he wants to visit before departure.

  6. The owner of the motorhome cannot be held responsible for damage and/or injury caused by the use of the motor home.


  1. The deposit of € 1250 will be kept completely if there is any form of damage to the motor home. For damage caused by external circumstances such a hail damage and burglary the own risk is €1000 . In case of any damage, we check how much the damage is and keep that amount from the deposit. The deposit (or what’s left of it) will be transferred to your account within 14 days after the rental period.

  2. All lease prices are without fuel. The motor home will have a full fuel tank when you depart and has to be returned with a full tank when you return. Otherwise € 100,= will be kept from the deposit.

  3. The motor home is rented with two full gas tanks. Return with at least one full gas tank.

  4. All fines and other costs, caused by (traffic) offense(s) of the tenant during the period of lease, are for the account of the tenant.

  5. The costs for direct use of the van, like fuel, lubricants, repair of tires, are for the account of the renter.

  6. If cancelling the rent of the motor home, the down payment won’t be returned.

  7. If cancelling within 4 weeks before the lease period, the total lease amount will have to be paid.

  8. You have to arrange your own cancellation insurances.

  9. If picking up the motor home too late or returning it too early, there will be no refunds.


  1. In case of damage (or defects), you are obliged to report this to us by phone and discuss the procedure to follow. This both goes for damage caused by an accident, and any form of damage (or defects). We have to know this as soon as possible, so we can prepare for repairements, so the renter after you, can depart on time.

  2. The insurance cover roadside assist and repatriation. If a failure of the motorhome occurs and the motorhome need to be repaired, you will be compensated for the accommodation expenses during the time that the motorhome will be repaired, for a maximum of 10 days and a maximum of €125 a day. In the case of a failure of the motorhome and the motorhome cannot be repaired, the rental cost of a replacement motorhome will be compensated for maximum €200 a day for the duration of maximum 28 days. If there is no replacement motorhome available, the cost of renting another means of transport will be compensated. The benefit amounts has a maximum of €200, – per day for the duration of maximum 28 days.

  3. If the motor home is not ready in time before the departure (caused by an accident or a mechanical failure), the renter can not demand a replacement motor home (we only have one motor home). If the renter then decides not to go through with the rent, the paid amount will be returned.

  4. With every collision the local police has to be called and with every damage a European damage form has to be filled in.

  5. The motor home is all-risk insured. The own risk per damage is € 1250. For damage caused by external circumstances such as hail damage and burglary the own risk is €1000. The damage that’s not covered by the insurance, for example caused by driving under the influence of alcohol, is of course completely for the account of the renter.

  6. In the case of a burglary a police report is needed.

  1. The own risk for the damage of the front window is €1000, if you let replace the front window by the company Carglass International the own risk is €900.

  1. Damage caused by filling the tank with the wrong fuel is completely for the account of the renter.

  2. Damages and defects below € 100,= can be repaired, without notifying us, by an expert mechanic, if possible a FIAT. In case there are defects not caused by the renter, (but not caused by external circumstances see paragraph 5) , the direct costs made by the renter are covered by us. We do need to see a specified invoice.


It is prohibited to…

  1. Use abrasive cleaners when cleaning the interior and windows;

  2. Over load the motor home;

  3. Smoke in the motor home;

  4. Take along pets (in exceptions the dog can come along, as long as it stays off the bed and sofas);

  5. Transport bikes, surfboards, skis, etc. in the living area or on the roof of the motorhome;

  6. Use frying fat;

  7. Add stickers in or on the motor home (when necessary, please ask first);

  8. Lease the motor home to other people;

  9. Go off-road;

  10. Drive on dirt roads;

  11. Drive faster than the allowed maximum speed;

  12. Drive faster than 130 km/hour;

To conclude: When paying the down payment, the renter agrees upon the terms of use and the prices for the rental period.


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